Meet Our Team

Matt Jessee


Matt’s initial journey as a professional painter began with a relentless commitment to two things: education and delivering a high-quality product that he could be proud of. This education was launched when he joined the Painter’s Union and had access to training from old-school, expert craftsmen. He also studied business, improving himself in every way he could on his own time.

While working as a painter, Matt built a clientele through sidework of his own. After his apprenticeship was complete, he was able to step out into full-time painting work, becoming licensed in 1995. His team was small, but he was dedicated to broadening both his knowledge and the scope of his services.

Today Matt is thrilled to be able to offer real, growing, career-oriented opportunities to his team. He also loves being able to give back to the community, encouraging and reinvesting in local charities and organizations. His eye is on the future as well as he plans for what the next chapters in the MB Jessee story hold.

When he takes a break from work, Matt is likely spending time with his wife and two kids. They all love the outdoors, enjoying skateboarding, mountain biking, backpacking, and snowboarding in the Tahoe area.

Martha Ramirez

Resource Coordinator

Martha’s education and experiences have one thing in common: a genuine interest in people. She studied anthropology at Stanford University, and earned a degree in Business Fundamentals. Her passion for education then took her on trips to Central America and Europe, with a focus on truly engaging with the people in every place she visited. This is an experience that she hopes to share with her daughter someday.

Prior to joining MB Jessee, Martha also volunteered in non-profit organizations in San Jose and San Francisco, helping adolescents in need. We are now thrilled to have her on our team, and appreciate the vibrant workplace she helps to create.

Monica Alcala

Administrative Coordinator

Monica is an enthusiastic, passionate California native, hailing from Tracy. We (and our clients!) love her energy and commitment to creating a fantastic customer service experience, start to finish.

Outside of work, Monica enjoy spending time with friends, family, listening to live music, and dancing.

Vicente Verduzco

Advanced Crew Leader & Field Supervisor

Vicente has been with us since 2003, and brings a high level of expertise, knowledge, and honesty to the table. Beyond his own abilities, however, he also is a gifted teacher. He cultivates and builds skills into newer members of the team, helping them become the best painters possible.

Vicente enjoys a wide variety of activities outside of work. Some days he may be bowfishing, others he might be training his dog, kayaking, or hunting. Or, best of all, he might just be relaxing with his family.

Rigoberto Lorenzo

Advanced Crew Leader

Rigoberto is a long-standing team member here at MB Jessee, and we are certainly grateful for him. He has a special knack for listening closely to our client’s needs, and making those needs a priority. He also is a quick learner! When he joined our team he was an apprentice, and now produces foreman-quality work.

On his own time, Rigoberto enjoys being with his family, traveling, and playing soccer.

Albino Guzman

Production Manager

Albino Guzman is our Production Manager at MB Jessee. Originally from Southern California, Albino moved with his family to the East Bay in 1999. Albino began as an apprentice, and has climbed the ladder of success, working his way up to a foreman. He took over as our Production Manager in the fall of 2017. He has now been working at MB Jessee for 5 years. Albino enjoys spending time with his family and friends. Albino's best part of his job is being able to deliver a professional performance, and showing through the work process what professionalism means. His major strengths are his communication and learning skills, attention to detail, patience, and experience.

Cesar Perez

Crew Leader

Cesar is a perfect fit for the MB Jessee team, providing invaluable skill and leadership as a Crew Leader. Beyond knowing the industry and trade, we also appreciate his focus on communication with our clients, keeping the process clear and detailed for everyone involved.

He may be an expert painter, but Cesar is first and foremost a family man, enjoying nothing more than spending time with his wife and kids. When he does find time for himself after work and on the weekends, he enjoys playing baseball and soccer, and restoring classic cars (he recently finished a stunning 1969 Chevy pickup!).

Jose Reyes

Crew Leader

Beyond being a skilled painter, Jose also brings a positive attitude to every job site. He makes and meets goals for himself every day with high standards and a contagious enthusiasm.

On his own time, Jose brings his energy to the sports he plays. And, of course, he also saves plenty for spending time with his family and playing with his kids.

Robert Dragony

Sales Representative

Robert may be familiar with the sales aspect of the painting industry, but he also has a long history of actual trade experience to draw from. In fact, he started painting with his older brother when he was just fourteen years old, and his brothers to this day are all contractors. This familiarity with each part of the process allows him to see potential jobs from every perspective, providing a unique depth of insight.

Outside of work, Robert enjoys everything from grilling the perfect steak to diving into philosophical discussions with good friends. Reading, biking, and hiking over Half Moon Bay are a few favorites too.

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