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7 Simple Tips for Choosing an Exterior Paint Color in the Bay Area

7 Simple Tips for Choosing an Exterior Paint Color in the Bay Area

It’s not too hard to get excited about choosing interior paint colors, right? You know you’ll be able to love and appreciate those new colors every day, and that if your tastes change you can alway switch to a new look pretty easily. This makes it feel less risky to go bolder, too, maybe trying something that pushes the boundaries of your color comfort zone.

Exterior painting, on the other hand, can feel like a more of a commitment. This is because, well, it really is. Your home’s color and curb appeal is an undertaking, and it can be a little intimidating to commit to a particular option.

We have a few practical tips to help you make sure you find the right color for your Bay Area home, but let’s first start with a local case study that might just inspire you.

Trying Something New with Your Exterior Paint Color Can Pay Off!

Before we share a few more conservative tips, take a look at this home we recently painted. The owner stepped out and chose a totally new look, and we think it paid off in a big way.

So, here’s our first color selection tip: talk to a local, professional painter. This is the ideal way to gain quick, practical insights into trending colors of the day, and (perhaps even more importantly) what style might really draw the most character and beauty out of your house.


6 Ways To Find Your New House Color

  • Don’t Rush - This may sound simplistic, but it’s important. Take your time researching color options, and don’t be afraid to paint a few samples directly on your home. This is the best way to make sure you like the color after it has dried, and that it looks the way you want it to as the lighting changes throughout the day. You can’t pick a house color from a handful of cardboard swatches!

  • Explore Color Consultation Services - Many local painters (like us at MB Jessee) can connect homeowners with professional color services. There’s no substitute for brainstorming with a pro!

  • Research Sites Like Houzz.com - Whether you search for homes of a specific architectural style or a specific color you’re interested in, Houzz.com has millions of photos to peruse.

  • Start with Your Fixed Colors - Architectural stone, your driveway, chimney, and other fixed elements of your property will help narrow your options. And, don’t forget to consider your roof! Many homeowners overlook this essential component of your overall style and color palette.

  • Explore Your Neighborhood - There is nothing wrong with stealing color ideas from the neighbors, or taking a concept and modifying it a bit. In fact, especially if your neighborhood is fairly compact, they might appreciate you picking a color scheme that goes with the flow.

  • Add Your Personality - Even if you don’t want to drastically change the primary body color, you might consider adding a brighter, bolder door color, or selecting a more unique option for the shutters or trim. Make it your own!

Connect with a Quality Exterior Painter You Can Trust

It is so crucial that the process is handled carefully, from color selection to the final cleanup. We encourage you to thoroughly research your painter, avoiding just the best deal (find out why here!) and instead looking for the best product and experience as a whole.

If you have questions for the team here at MB Jessee, we hope you’ll contact us. It would be a pleasure to serve you.

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