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Choosing Paint Colors for Your Whole House | Bay Area Painting Tips !

Choosing Paint Colors for Your Whole House | Bay Area Painting Tips

There is something amazing about having the opportunity to choose all the colors in a home, whether it is new construction, or a complete repainting. There is so much room for imagination and creativity! But the process can also be intimidating. The paint stores have thousands of colors; how do you even begin choosing them?

Not to worry! Here are a few tips to help you simplify the process of choosing paint colors for your whole house:

Begin with Connected Spaces

The first and biggest color choice you make should be to choose the wall color for the connected areas. This would include hallways and foyers, of course, but it would also include any space that shares a wall or is easily visible from another space. In an open-concept home, this might mean the dining room and kitchen, or the living room and hallway.

Most people choose a light neutral color for these areas, since that will match with the most other colors and it creates an open, airy feeling. Neutrals include white, gray, tan, and mild shades of yellow, blue and green.

In recent years, "greige" has become one of the most popular neutrals. It is a combination of beige and gray, and it can be toned warm or cool to match with other color choices.


Choose Trim and Accents

There are good reasons for choosing semi-gloss white as your trim color, and even though it is a nearly-universal choice, it is neither tired nor cliché. However, black is also making a bold entry into the interior trim scene. Silver-gray is also a growing trend.

The place where you really have room to go bold and express your individuality is with accent walls. Even in a space that is open to other rooms, you can choose a single wall to paint a bright, contrasting color. This gives focus and energy to a room, a splash of color that you can use to coordinate with other details in the room. For example, it could match with colors in an elegant rug, or with throw pillows on your sofa, or even with a lamp or work of art.

Pick Colors for Self-Contained Rooms

When a room is clearly separated from other spaces, your paint color choices do not need to be so dependent on the colors in the rest of the home. You want to be careful not to create too jarring of a change, but you have plenty of license to be unique here.

Bedrooms and bathrooms are usually self-contained spaces. Sometimes a formal dining room or den would also qualify. Again, begin with the main wall color you want, and then think about an accent wall. Another option is to install chair rail, and have different colors above and below the molding.

In a self-contained room, neutral colors are not as important. Decide on the kind of mood you want to set, and choose colors to suit. For example, do you want a tranquil oasis? Or maybe a creative space? Or a place of cheery energy?


More Tips for Choosing House Colors

Even with the process spelled out for you, the act of choosing colors can still feel overwhelming. A professional house painting company can help you evaluate the options and give you tips on how various combinations would look in your home. We can even help you paint small color samples on the walls to show you the effect.

Another good way to find color inspiration is by looking online. Google images, Houzz, Pinterest... there are tons of places you can go to see pictures of home interiors. Look for colors, combinations, and styles you like. Just remember that what looks good in one home might look very different in another. Make sure you think about the style and genre of your home compared to the ones in the photos you browse.

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