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Kitchen Color Trends For 2016

Kitchen Color Trends For 2016

One of the toughest questions a homeowner faces when remodeling is, “What color should I choose?” There are an infinite number of choices and combinations, so much so that even choosing ‘white’ isn’t as straightforward as it may seem.

If you check out our blog, you will see we have a variety of articles to help you with choosing colors, including examining the 2016 color trends and helping Bay Area homeowners to find paint color ideas. This article continues on in our series. Today we will look at the top 2016 color trends specifically for kitchens.


White was the top color choice for kitchens in 2015. The color was a popular choice for cabinets but the ‘white on white’ look was also a trendy style (where white cabinets are also paired with white countertops, walls, backsplash and so on).

Experts predict that this color trend will carry over into 2016, with white to remain as one of the top choices for kitchens. But choosing ‘white’ for your kitchen is not as simple as you may think. In another article on color trends we told you that white can actually take on different shades, and the hottest whites (such as Benjamin Moore’s Simply White and Behr’s Ivory Keys) are those that have a warm tone.


Another kitchen color that will come to rival white in 2016 is gray; in fact, some experts say that gray will eventually take over white in terms of popularity this year.

Gray is a more colorful option to plain white, but it is also a neutral that works well with pretty much any other color and design choices. This gives you flexibility when decorating and personalizing your kitchen.

Just like white, there is more to gray than meets the eye. When you select gray you have to consider whether to choose a light or dark shade, a warm or cool hue and if you want to use paint or stain. This Better Homes and Gardens article will help you narrow down a specific gray for your cabinets.

Black and White

Perhaps you’re noticing a trend here – the overwhelming preference of neutral colors when painting the kitchen in 2016. The thing with neutrals is that they give you a nice ‘base’ to work with. You can always personalize the kitchen with pops of color in the lighting, sink, and décor, so a neutral allows you freedom and flexibility down the line.

The trend of black and white for kitchens can allow you to create a transitional or contemporary style in your kitchen. Too much black would become dark and overwhelming, but if you compliment it with lighter colors (like white or even light gray) it creates a nice balance.

An example of using this color scheme in your kitchen would be to paint your walls and cabinets white, and then rely on black for some bold accents – such as black and white backsplash, black cabinet hardware, black countertops, and even black appliances (such as the new line of Kitchen Aid black stainless steel appliances).

Dark Stains

Some homeowners still want the beautiful designs of wood to show through. Of course, there is a range of wood stains, including light honey colors and reddish tints. However, the top wood stain trend for 2016 is dark stains.

Dark stains can make a statement in your kitchen, creating a bold and dramatic look. If you’re worried about the dark color making your kitchen appear small, remember to pair your dark stained cabinet with lighter accents. For example, light or white colored walls, backsplash and countertops can create the perfect balance where the dark cabinet stain can become a focal point.


For those who are looking for a little more color than the basic neutrals we have listed, blue may be the color for you.

Blue kitchens have been popular at different times in the past, so despite being a cool color, it may give you a warm feeling of nostalgia. Using a light blue can create a clean, fresh and calming look in your kitchen, or you may choose a darker shade to make a bolder statement.

Blue works well when paired with neutrals like white or gray. Many homeowners who chose blue will use it sparingly on some surfaces (for example the walls), to make it a perfect accent against neutrals like white cabinets, backsplash, and countertops.

White, gray, black, blue and darker stains are projected to be the top trends for 2016. People who choose these trendy neutrals then go on to add highlights of color with their decorating choices, such as colorful curtains, kitchen towels, flowers, and other countertop decor. However, if you want to be bolder in your main color choices, go right ahead! The top overall trend for 2016 is personalization, and that means making choices that reflect your personality regardless of what everyone else is doing.

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