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Should You Hire a Painter Who Uses Subcontractors? !

 Should You Hire a Painter Who Uses Subcontractors?

Most painting contractors fall into one of two camps: those with employees, and those who use a subcontractor model. So, which does your painter use, and why does it matter?

Benefits of In-House Employees

This route involves a substantial investment on the part of the painting company. Training, insurance, employee benefits, infrastructure, and the list goes on… But, the huge benefit here is that you have a truly invested team of painters. They wear your branding with pride, knowing that they are working toward something together, and that their performance has a direct impact on their advancement and job stability.

The in-house employee model also creates consistency. Work standards and procedures are in place, and they are instilled (and perpetuated) from the first day of training in the field.

For these reasons, property owners like you tend to enjoy a better experience and long-term relationships with a painter who has an employee-based business.

A Few Exceptions

With that said, we should add a caveat. There are some companies who have strong relationships with a specific group of subs, and can offer a really positive experience.

A painting contractor may also sub out a specific portion of the work, maybe if a specialized skill is needed that they don’t offer in-house. We do that at MB Jessee Painting on occasion as well, and it’s a standard practice. It’s important to have a referral network in place to make sure that a true professional can be brought in to meet those needs.

So, What’s the Takeaway?

The subcontractor model can work, but it should be approached with caution. We recommend looking for a painter who has a committed in-house team for the most consistent, high-quality experience possible. Your bid may be a little higher because of the built-in costs associated with having employees, but the value and quality you’ll enjoy will more than make up the difference.

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“Charles finished yesterday and did a fantastic job. We really enjoyed meeting Charles and having him in our home. He is a great guy in addition to his attention to detail in his work, the protection of our floors, walls and furnishings, and his overall interaction with us both. I would be pleased to recommend him to any of my clients.”

— Ken Morrison

“In all the years I've worked with MB Jessee, I'm always so impressed by your crews. They are so respectful of everything--you never even know they're there! Except that the paint looks amazing when they're gone. We've had one showing of our home and already have an offer. I'm sure it is because the paint looks so beautiful.”

— Erin T.
Pleasant Hill

“It was a great experience working with MB Jessee. The crew was careful and thorough as they painted the house, sealed stucco cracks, repaired dry-rotted wood, stained the deck, etc. Robert, Gersson, Jose, and all of the people involved in the process from the estimate to the job completion were friendly and professional.”

— Mike C.
Livermore, CA

“The completed 'Client Satisfaction Survey' we sent in only modestly reflects our total satisfaction with the work. As a retired small business owner, I compliment you on setting 'best practices' that are consistently followed. Everything described in your marketing materials was a reality! The crew is a super bowl team and our neighbors commented on how quiet they were. We are very happy to be a client of MB Jessee.”

— Richard

“The people at M.B. Jessee are great – from the painters to the office staff to Matt. Talk about leadership from the top.”

— Kevin Ames, Mark Becker Homes

“Edy and crew are hard at work. They are doing a great job. Very professional outfit you have. Your crew is a delight. You may use me for a reference!”

— Heidi B
Walnut Creek

“I can't say enough about how courteous and professional my foreman was. He was on time every morning and arrived cheerful and ready to go. He is highly organized and very thoughtful. He was extremely careful and respectful when moving my belongings - a mature professional.”

— Nora Robinson

“Just wanted to let you know that the crew was great to have around the house for the past two weeks. All three of them were professional, courteous, and attentive to my thoughts/concerns and were extremely knowledgeable. They paid great attention to the detail and it shows.”

— Mark & Roberta Gross

“The finish on my kitchen cabinets had failed, becoming tacky and grimy around the handles. M B Jessee gave me a reasonable quote, far below some others, and did an outstanding job, striping the original varnish and refinishing with a new lacquer finish. The cabinets look like new. Work was done 1 day faster than estimated. The crew was extremely hard-working, considerate, and neat. Highly recommend M B Jessee.”

— Thama B.
San Francisco, CA

“Everyone I dealt with was nice, helpful, and very professional. The price was reasonable! (I didn't feel like I was getting the "San Francisco price." The attention to detail and work quality was excellent. They did what they said they would do in the exact timeframe they said they would do. Highly recommend!”

— Tim Tyson

“M.B. Jessee painted the exterior of my Spanish house over 9 years ago, and they did such an incredible job that they are still getting referrals from me today. The paint is holding up perfectly -- there is absolutely no peeling chipping or any other deterioration. I still remember that my final walk-through list consisted of items written on one side of a 3x5 index card (and I'm REAL picky about my house!) However, when Matt and I did that walk-through over HALF the items were no longer an issue, as his team had noticed them first and they had already been resolved.”

— JoAnn Newcomb

“The kitchen looks NEW! You guys are amazing.”