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Spot Prime Vs. Full Prime For Your Painting Project

 Spot Prime Vs. Full Prime For Your Painting Project

You know primer is important, but now your painter is mentioning “spot priming” and “full priming.” What’s the difference, and is one approach better than the other?

First, let’s take it back to basics with a quick primer on, well, primer.

Primer is specifically formulated to create a strong foundation for your paint to grip onto. It can also help smooth over blemishes, offer a uniform finish, and make color transitions easier. In other words, if you’re switching from a dark to light color, a coat of primer makes the process much more efficient. Be sure to take a look at all the benefits right here!

It’s an essential step, but one approach doesn’t necessarily fit every situation.

When Should You Spot Prime?

Spot priming means that you only prime specific sections of the surface that need it.

When is this the right choice?

Spot priming is ideal for covering repairs, like a patched blemish, or previously unpainted sections. For example, if you replace a rotten portion of your siding, you’d want to spot prime that fresh wood so that it all matches when the new paint is applied. Otherwise the paint is absorbed more deeply into the bare substrate, creating an uneven finish.

Specific primers are also formulated to hide blemishes, like a knot in wood. That knot will creep through over time unless it’s covered with a high-hide product.

Your painter can walk you through their thought process, but spot priming is a common practice when the rest of the surface is in good condition, and the color change isn’t drastic. Why pay for unnecessary products and time, right?

When Do You Need a Full Prime?

Here are a few of the more common scenarios:

  • Painting over previously unpainted, or very porous, surfaces (new siding, drywall, etc.).

  • A drastic color change is in the works.

  • The surface was previously painted with a higher-gloss finish, or was stained.

  • If there are extensive stains or odors to cover (in the case of interior painting especially).

  • Changing from an oil-based to latex product.

  • As part of our lead-safe painting services, we also use specific high-end, trusted bonding primers for effective lead encapsulation.

  • Before painting ultra-smooth surfaces that need a primer coat to grip onto.

The takeaway?

There’s a time and place for each priming approach! The key is to communicate with your painting company, understanding which tactic they’re choosing and why it makes sense for your project. Ultimately you need to feel completely confident in the work that’s being done.

If you have any questions about your Bay Area painting needs, please feel free to contact us at MB Jessee Painting. We’re here to help!

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