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Painting Projects That Increase Home Value and Marketability !

Painting Projects That Increase Home Value and Marketability

Home improvement is a perpetual goal if you own your own property. You’re invested in its health and beauty, and want to take advantage of the freedom you have to make the spaces where your life happens your very own.

If you’re selling your home this spring or summer, your overall improvement strategy is probably shifting a little. Rather than thinking only about your personal vision, your focus expands to include what prospective buyers might look for and value.

What will make your property stand out from the other listings? What will catch their eye? And, of course, how can you create the most value for the smallest investment?

Let’s Start Outside - Exterior Painting to Boost Curb Appeal and Value

Complete Exterior Painting

If your home needs it, complete exterior painting is one of the most powerful ways at your disposal to offer a fresh, inviting welcome. It’s a wonderful selling point too. After all, most potential buyers aren’t thrilled by the idea of a to-do list being handed to them with the keys.

Touch-Ups and Light Repairs

If your home just needs a little attention, investing in touch-up painting and carpentry repairs can go a long, long way. Patching and repairing cracked stucco also helps to eliminate question marks or red flags.

Power Washing

When done correctly, power washing is a wonderful way to refresh tired surfaces. Siding, decks, patios, and walkways all can benefit, especially since mildew and dirt will make your property look older than than it really is.

Have Fun!

Let your creativity shine a little, and try painting your home with fresh accent colors to help it stand out. A bold pop of color on your front door, or garage door, can make your home memorable. It also shows your prospective buyer that you have taken an interest in and cared for your home. That can go a long way!

How About Interior House Painting?

Fresh Wall Colors

A freshly-painted house feels like a clean slate. On top of that, it looks wonderful too. Here’s an important tip to consider as you choose a color: keep it fairly neutral.

Trust us.

It won’t feel “boring” and become a negative. Potential buyers want a place that they can make their own, and, as we just mentioned, fresh walls can feel like a clean slate. If, on the other hand, you paint the downstairs bathroom purple, it might become a turn-off to someone who doesn’t love the idea of a purple bathroom.

Bright, clean, and full of potential is the way to go.

Cabinet Painting

We recently wrote another article about why exactly cabinet painting is popular here in the Bay Area. The reasons we listed then primarily focused on benefits for existing homeowners, but when resale value is being discussed painting in your kitchen takes on a whole new level of value. Today’s buyer focuses more on kitchens and bathrooms than anywhere else, making these spaces a huge potential selling point.

If your kitchen is dated or tired, adding a stylish finish can be one of the wisest choices you could make.

Talk to a Painting Company You Can Trust

Do you have a list of goals and ideas that you’d like to prioritize? Talking to a reputable painting company about your painting and repair needs is a fantastic place to start. If you live here in the Bay Area, why not contact us at MB Jessee? We would love the opportunity to connect with you.

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— Paul Markovich

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— Tim Tyson

“I just wanted to thank you all for doing such a phenomenal job on our recent house painting. We are very happy with the outcome and can't say enough good things about the crew. Everyone working on the project was outstanding and made it a great experience. Thanks to everyone.”

— Daylan

“Just had MB Jessee paint the interior of our house and they did a wonderful job. They tackled some crazy wallpaper as well as painted some very high ceilings and walls. The whole process was quick and they did a great job! We are very pleased. I was also very impressed by the crew. They were very personable, kind and actually took pride in the work they were doing. In one of our conversations with the lead Ricardo, he actually told me he was very proud of how the rooms had turned out. I agree sir! It turned out great and it's not often you hear someone thinking of your home like they would theirs, and putting that level of work and quality into it. That made a huge difference in how I viewed this company. Ricardo, you were fantastic and thank you for the great job, we will be using you again.”

— Jeff M.
Danville, CA

“It was a great experience working with MB Jessee. The crew was careful and thorough as they painted the house, sealed stucco cracks, repaired dry-rotted wood, stained the deck, etc. Robert, Gersson, Jose, and all of the people involved in the process from the estimate to the job completion were friendly and professional.”

— Mike C.
Livermore, CA

“MB Jessee just finished our exterior and we couldn't be happier with our experience. The foreman (Pedro) and lead painter (Ricardo) were incredible to work with: they communicated scheduling clearly, Ricardo was a joy to be around every day, the showed up early every day, were incredibly tidy and did great paint work. The final walkthrough experience was incredible. Pedro pointed out items I missed demonstrating a clear desire to complete another quality project. I highly recommend them. As others have noted they definitely aren't the cheapest but you quickly realize that you're getting what you pay for. The 3-year guarantee is also a nice touch since there are likely touch-up items that will show up after the job is done.”

— Joshua J.
Oakland, CA

“My entire experience with MB Jesse was very professional. The crew were very friendly and super accommodating of my ridiculous schedule and geriatric pets in the house. The finished product, which was pretty much my entire house, far exceeds my expectations. Would definitely work with them again!”

— Heather Jordan

“Many thanks to Rigoberto and Damon and the extraordinary team who transformed my castle in the skies.They are magicians. I appreciate their work very much.”

— Kathleen A
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“The people at M.B. Jessee are great – from the painters to the office staff to Matt. Talk about leadership from the top.”

— Kevin Ames, Mark Becker Homes

“I want to express my thanks for a job well done. The rooms look great and there is no problem with any marks on the all the trim, floor, carpet, etc. The paint job is lovely. I also want to express my thanks for the level of professionalism the foreman showed in running the job. He was very attentive to any changes I needed to make, was extremely careful in getting the faux paint color and effect correct. Thanks so much for a job well done.”

— Suzan D’Arcy

“I can't say enough about how courteous and professional my foreman was. He was on time every morning and arrived cheerful and ready to go. He is highly organized and very thoughtful. He was extremely careful and respectful when moving my belongings - a mature professional.”

— Nora Robinson