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Preparing for Your Painting Project: Essential Steps! !

 Preparing for Your Painting Project: Essential Steps!

Preparation, both of the job site and your surfaces, makes or breaks the painting process. What should you look for?

If you follow our articles, you know that we put a strong emphasis on the importance of surface preparation. In the past we’ve outlined the planning stages that should lead up to your project as well, including clear communication, a detailed estimate, reviewing your warranty, etc…

Today, let’s take a closer look at the specific steps we take as we prepare your surfaces.

It’s been said that preparation is 80% of a painting project, and we absolutely agree. Time invested in these early steps pays high-value dividends.

What’s Included in Surface Preparation?

#1: Pressure Washing

Depending on the age, type, and condition, of your siding, we start with a thorough pressure washing. In the hands of a trained technician, this is an efficient way to remove mildew, dirt, and other contaminants.

#2: Careful Masking

Spraying is a fast, effective way to cover large areas during commercial and residential painting projects. First, however, we cover and mask all surrounding surfaces to protect against overspray.

#3: Protect Your Landscaping

We’ll work carefully around your landscaping, including covering plants.

#4: Sanding

Using a combination of orbital sanders and hand scrapers, we’ll carefully remove loose, flaking paint. This is the first step in building a strong foundation for your primer.

#5: Priming

We then apply an exterior wood primer to surfaces left bare by sanding. This product penetrates the exposed wood, creating a sound, solid base for your paint. We’ll also spot prime any patched surfaces so that the finish coat of paint can adhere properly.

#6: Caulking

For a close look at why caulking is so essential, be sure to click over to this article. We’ll remove any brittle, failed caulking, and replace it with new Sikaflex Premium Caulking, sealing out any water that could create a problem in the future.

#7: Window Glazing

Any failing window glazing (putty) will be removed. After priming, new glazing will be installed.

8: Surface Repairs

If wood rot is present, our carpentry team can help with repair/replacement. If there are stucco cracks that need to be addressed, we’ll open them up and repair them with an elastomeric patching system.

The takeaway?

Every project we finish is backed by our MB Jessee Painting, Inc. Warranty, covering labor and materials. We stand by our work! You deserve to be completely satisfied, and we know that our processes and standards will stand up to the test of time.

Regardless of who your painter is, make sure that they can clearly articulate their specific procedures so you know exactly what kind of value to expect.

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“MB Jessee painters are stellar! As a designer I've worked with numerous companies over the years, and MB Jessee is a top-notch firm. From the first phone call to the final clean up, every person is courteous, professional, and hard working. The owner, Matt, is a charitable leader who has instilled his team with integrity and honesty providing the customer with a first class experience at a fair price with a paint job that is guaranteed to last. I highly recommend MB Jessee. Thank you Matt and your STAR crew-Daniel, Rigoberto, Vicente, Edy, Pedro, and Mario, for a job well executed! Cynthia Brian, ASID, Starstyle® Productions, llc”

— Cynthia Brian
Morgan, CA

“Just had MB Jessee paint the interior of our house and they did a wonderful job. They tackled some crazy wallpaper as well as painted some very high ceilings and walls. The whole process was quick and they did a great job! We are very pleased. I was also very impressed by the crew. They were very personable, kind and actually took pride in the work they were doing. In one of our conversations with the lead Ricardo, he actually told me he was very proud of how the rooms had turned out. I agree sir! It turned out great and it's not often you hear someone thinking of your home like they would theirs, and putting that level of work and quality into it. That made a huge difference in how I viewed this company. Ricardo, you were fantastic and thank you for the great job, we will be using you again.”

— Jeff M.
Danville, CA

“Richard and crew have been great, for sure. As much as I look forward to having the job done and my house back in order, I really enjoyed having them around. You should feel really good about how they represent your company.”

— Jessica Dodson

“I can't say enough about how courteous and professional my foreman was. He was on time every morning and arrived cheerful and ready to go. He is highly organized and very thoughtful. He was extremely careful and respectful when moving my belongings - a mature professional.”

— Nora Robinson

“Awesome work by highly experienced, professional painters. They were: Conscious about the amount of time it would take. Ours had a lot of pre-work and took 3 weeks. Accommodating when we added a few last-minute changes Understanding when a heatwave hit and we remove some of the plastic sheeting over windows, which they had to put back up the next day. Accessible, especially the on-site crew (Hi Jose & Victor!) -- always answering questions and checking in. The end result is a perfect paint job that makes our 94-year-old house look brand new. I would definitely hire MBJ again”

— Stacey R.
Oakland, CA

“I cannot imagine finer painters--and I have worked with many. They work exceptionally hard. It is a joy to see their workmanship!”

— Alicia R.

“I just wanted to thank you all for doing such a phenomenal job on our recent house painting. We are very happy with the outcome and can't say enough good things about the crew. Everyone working on the project was outstanding and made it a great experience. Thanks to everyone.”

— Daylan

“Thank you for the support you have given the Women's Cancer Resource Center over the past year!”

— Margo - Director Women's Cancer Resource Center

“Very easy to work with, they did an outstanding job with our project of re-painting our painting our kitchen cabinets. Given the scope of the job and that our kitchen is roughly half of our upstairs living area they did a fantastic job of minimizing the mess. Workmanship was top notch, would definitely recommend.”

— Vince Scola

“It was a great experience working with MB Jessee. The crew was careful and thorough as they painted the house, sealed stucco cracks, repaired dry-rotted wood, stained the deck, etc. Robert, Gersson, Jose, and all of the people involved in the process from the estimate to the job completion were friendly and professional.”

— Mike C.
Livermore, CA

“Julie,Just to let you know I am very appreciative of your crew catching the plumbing/mold problem. It was very astute of them. I wanted to let you know that again your crew has done excellent work here, please pass this along to Mr. Jessee. There are some bumps in the road here, but the painting and your crew has not been one of them. Their work is the only thing going right currently, and this crew is very nice and respectful. It is much appreciated. Thank you again.”

— Beth

“Matt, We are very happy with how all of the painting worked out. We were extremely impressed with the quality of the work in the bathroom. I liked working with Victor, he and Marvin were extremely conscientious about doing a great job, not just the minimum. I know the front door took a lot longer than you'd expected. But they did it PERFECTLY. We never thought it could turn out like that! Thanks again for the great work. We'll be calling you again in the future!”

— Craig
Alameda, CA