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6 Tips for Comparing Multiple Painting Bids !

 6 Tips for Comparing Multiple Painting Bids

You’ve done your due diligence, collected several bids for your house painting project, and have to make a final choice. So, how do you pick?

Price can be an easy differentiator, but you know that’s not the best determining factor. There are so many variables at play, and cheaper isn’t always better. Honestly, neither is more expensive!

The price tag doesn’t guarantee the quality of your experience.

Let’s dig deeper than price and take a closer look at a few ultra-practical tips.

#1: Consider the Warranty

A warranty speaks volumes. Too short and it doesn’t inspire much confidence, and too long can be an indicator that your painter isn’t really planning on standing by their work. They may have loopholes woven into the fine print, or are more interested in closing the immediate deal than they are in building a long-term relationship. We recommend looking for a reasonable warranty with clear, specific terms. Take a closer look at this article for more information: What Should You Look for in Your Painting Warranty?

#2: Analyze the Bid

Not all bids (or estimates) are created equal. Look for absolute clarity, including a detailed breakdown of what’s included, from surface prep and repairs to the recommended products.

#3: Check the Credentials

Make sure you know whether your painter is licensed, insured, and what type of team they have (employees or subcontractors). These are all important factors to weigh, and they will impact your bottom line, too.

#4: Review the Reviews!

It’s helpful to ask for references, but you also should take a look at their reviews. And, if you see a poor review, check to see if it’s been responded to, and how. If you can’t find a clear track record of work and local reputation, that might be a bid you can remove from your list.

#5: Paint Coats and Quality

This ties in with #2 above, but it deserves to be highlighted. There will be a line item for “Paint” on your bid, but do you know what kind and how many coats? You don’t need to look too far for cautionary tales about companies that only apply one coat, or skip the priming stage. You also should know what kind of paint - there is a huge difference between bargain brands that won’t last very long, and more premium products that will really meet your performance requirements.

#6: Value the Experience

What kind of experience can you expect? Will your landscaping be trampled, or covered and protected? Will your painter bring a port-a-potty and sanitation station, or ask to use your bathroom? Will your yard be full of paint chips, or will containment and cleanup strategies be put into place? These are good questions to ask, if your bid doesn’t outline what you can expect.

The big takeaway? Think bigger than price, and think through what you need from both your project and the experience. Don’t be afraid to ask hard questions, or push for clarification. If you’ve found the right painter, they’ll be happy to address every concern and offer priceless peace of mind.

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“I loved working with M.B. Jessee from start to finish on a relatively small paint job that grew a bit. I felt in very good hands from the moment Matt Jessee came out to give me the estimate and talk about my job. He was very easy to talk to and he handled my changes very well. Then the actual work done by Rigoberto and Mario was impeccable. They were neat and meticulous and the paint job looks beautiful. I could not have asked for more and when I did, they accommodated me 100%. I will not hesitate to call M.B. Jessee again and to refer them to friends.”

— Nancy Kurkjian

“Today I received a beautiful bouquet from your company. It was totally unexpected and very much appreciated--a lovely surprise. Also today, your crew finished my job. I am so pleased with all their fine work. Richard is absolutely amazing and a total delight to work with. He was also extremely helpful during the paint color process. The interior work in my home far exceeded my expectations. A big thank you to you and the crew for an outstanding job. Thank you, thank you for a terrific job!”

— Barbara

“Just had MB Jessee paint the interior of our house and they did a wonderful job. They tackled some crazy wallpaper as well as painted some very high ceilings and walls. The whole process was quick and they did a great job! We are very pleased. I was also very impressed by the crew. They were very personable, kind and actually took pride in the work they were doing. In one of our conversations with the lead Ricardo, he actually told me he was very proud of how the rooms had turned out. I agree sir! It turned out great and it's not often you hear someone thinking of your home like they would theirs, and putting that level of work and quality into it. That made a huge difference in how I viewed this company. Ricardo, you were fantastic and thank you for the great job, we will be using you again.”

— Jeff M.
Danville, CA

“Hello Matt,Just another notice of thanks to your wonderful crew, Rigoberto, Javier and John. They did fantastic work, with Rigo providing meticulous and conscientious attention to the details and excellent woodwork finishing, as evidenced by the beautiful fireplace. Javier did a fantastic job in the bathroom especially, it looks "brand new," and John always does quality work, both with the interior and exterior. I can tell they care about what they do. Rigo's "punch out" was very thorough, too. I will call again when I need some more work and will definitely recommend your company and fine crew. I also felt as a homeowner, I could leave my house in their good hands during the day and that took a lot of worry from me, they were honest, prompt and reliable. They were also very kind, respectful and clean in their work, very professional. Thank you.”

— Beth Marx & Melissa Kirsch

“Just wanted to let you know that the crew was great to have around the house for the past two weeks. All three of them were professional, courteous, and attentive to my thoughts/concerns and were extremely knowledgeable. They paid great attention to the detail and it shows.”

— Mark & Roberta Gross

“The finish on my kitchen cabinets had failed, becoming tacky and grimy around the handles. M B Jessee gave me a reasonable quote, far below some others, and did an outstanding job, striping the original varnish and refinishing with a new lacquer finish. The cabinets look like new. Work was done 1 day faster than estimated. The crew was extremely hard-working, considerate, and neat. Highly recommend M B Jessee.”

— Thama B.
San Francisco, CA

“Our paint crew did a great job and the foreman, Gersson was exceptionally great to work with. He was always available to answer questions, good at problem-solving, very patient, kind, and highly professional with great customer service. We definitely recommend this company, and Gersson and his crew.”

— Andrea Y.
Berkeley, CA

“I cannot imagine finer painters--and I have worked with many. They work exceptionally hard. It is a joy to see their workmanship!”

— Alicia R.

“I highly recommend MB Jesse Painting to anyone looking for a professional team that does an impressive job. They are on time, efficient and clean up well each and every day they are on site. They pay attention to detail and listen to the needs of their clients. In addition, they give back to the community. A Five Star team all the way around.”

— Erin Troy

“My entire experience with MB Jesse was very professional. The crew were very friendly and super accommodating of my ridiculous schedule and geriatric pets in the house. The finished product, which was pretty much my entire house, far exceeds my expectations. Would definitely work with them again!”

— Heather Jordan

“I love the article in the paper on your company. Thank you for supporting our community by painting at the Claremont Middle School. Thanks!”

— Carla Banks

“MB Jessee painters are stellar! As a designer I've worked with numerous companies over the years, and MB Jessee is a top-notch firm. From the first phone call to the final clean up, every person is courteous, professional, and hard working. The owner, Matt, is a charitable leader who has instilled his team with integrity and honesty providing the customer with a first class experience at a fair price with a paint job that is guaranteed to last. I highly recommend MB Jessee. Thank you Matt and your STAR crew-Daniel, Rigoberto, Vicente, Edy, Pedro, and Mario, for a job well executed! Cynthia Brian, ASID, Starstyle® Productions, llc”

— Cynthia Brian
Morgan, CA